Short History of Stucki Embroidery

Shortly after the First World War the three Stucki brothers left Switzerland and moved to New Jersey where the embroidery industry was starting to boom. Paul and Hans owned their own business by 1926 and called it Stucki Brothers. During the Second World War they worked day and night making insignia (emblems) for the military.

In 1946 they incorporated as Stucki Embroidery Works, Inc. It continued to do work for the garment industry and making trims in the West New York, NJ location until 1973. Looking for a country place to raise their families, the next generation found property in Boiceville, New York. They changed a bowling alley into an embroidery factory. They loved that it had the Esopus Creek bordering the property and the Catskill Mountains around them. The Boiceville shop got started with three machines in 1973. After quite a few tough years, they expanded the building with 2 additions. They added more machines.

The Swiss made Schiffli machines are 10 yards, 15 yards, or 21 yards long. The foundation of the machine is anchored in 100 cubic yards of concrete (3 feet deep) to stabilize the machine. This allows for accuracy without vibration. Some machines still use an automat and punch tape. We have tried to update the machines to add computer drivers. The machine has up to 1024 bobbins and needles working at one time. It can stitch 2 levels of fabric at the same time.

In the past 10 years, a much larger computerized embroidery machine was added as well as two additions to the building. The last addition was an employee lunch room and a gift shop. It has a viewing window into the factory. Equipment for screen printing was added to compliment the custom embroidery part of the business. We can no accommodate people who would want part of a design in embroidery as well as some screen printing. Everyone can have their choice and we are able to accommodate them with our design and programming department and then do the work here in the Catskill Mountains in Boiceville, New York. Made in the U.S.A.